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Nathalie Loriers is Belgium. WalloniŽ.

Since years she is in the Belgium top ten. On a regular base she can be heard and seen on† radio and TV.† She earned several awards and since some years she is active in the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, one of the most interesting big bands of this time.

Her trio work is in the tradition of the piano trio as it started with famous Bill Evans but she plays also in duo (with double bass player Philip Aerts) quintet, and a drumless trio.

Nathalie is a charming personality which convinces with her modest presentation and glow full piano playing always presenting an special lyricism.

Her Composing is original and with her project Chemins Croisees (Cross ways ) she combines† European music tradition with the Oriental world.

A new project is coming up† in which Nathalie will add a string-ensemble† to her piano trio.† Trumpeter Bert Joris will be featured soloist.

Loriers writes very cinematic music, as if you can see the images in front of you. At the piano, she has a great poetic eloquence, but also displays a fragile essence.




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I produced Nathalie Loriers twice on my venue in Arnhem. These clips I made when she was performing in quartet with:

Philippe Aerts, double bass

Joost van Schaik, drums

Kurt van Herck, sax


The date and place; 30-12-2005

Musis Sacrum, Nuonzaal


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Nathalie Loriers

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Ladies in Jazz

When I decided to leave my job and go spending† the rest of my time in the world of jazz, I decided to offer my colleagues a concert-evening. The event was on 7-7-2005 and I invited Nathalie for a solo performance. After the break she played in duo with double bass player Philippe Aerts, worldwide known because of his corporation with Richard Galliano.


The solo event is quite unique because Nathalie hardly never did it before. But on my special request and on this special occasion she was willing to do.† And so I can present you unique clips of this great Lady of Jazz from Belgium.


And this are the clips from the second part with Philippe.

In 2009 Nathalie produced a brand new CD. This time in quartet with a string quartett added.

She performed sevaral times with the project on Belgium stages.

On 22/10/2011 she went on stage at De Dommelhof in Neerpelt.


Nathalie Loriers, piano††††††††† Bert Joris, trumpet††††

Philip Aerts, bass†††††† †††††††††† Jan de Haas, drums


Line up String quartet: Amy Merril/Stefan/Willems-Floris Uyterhoeven/Jan Sciffer