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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Michiel Braam studied in Arnhem at the ArtEZ Conservatory where now a days  he is leading the department of Jazz & Pop . He conceived 2 bands in 1986: Bik Bent Braam (with Angelo Verploegen, Eric Boeren, Wolter Wierbos, Peter Haex, Carl-Ludwig Hübsch, Peter van Bergen, Jan Willem van der Ham, Bart van der Putten, Frans Vermeerssen, Frank Gratkowski, Wilbert de Joode  and Michael Vatcher) and Bentje Braam.

In 1987  Michiel Braam became a composing assignment from the Dutch broadcast company  NOS. He wrote a piece four 4 clarinets entitled  Koeien en Beesten.

In 1989 he continues with  Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher (with Wilbert de Joode and Michael Vatcher) and in 2005 the  Michiel Braam's Wurli Trio (withPieter Douma aand Dirk-Peter Kölsch.

Together with  Frans Vermeerssen lhe led the sextet All Ears (with Herb Robertson, Frank Gratkowski, Wilbert de Joode en Michael Vatcher).

The  Bik Bent Braam is on international level now and plays all over the world as is the trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher.

In 2007  Braam wrote Nopera, a piece for theatre and music, with lots of improvisation, parts  of written music played in order decide on the spot. And the libretto was written in a non existing language.

In 1988 Michiel Braam became the  Podiumprijs (Stage Award) and  in 1997 the VPRO/Boy Edgar Award.

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm
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On 23 April 2009  Michiel was on stage together with alto saxophonist Paul van Kemenade in de Lindenberg .The concert was organized by the JIN.


A series of beautiful songs, free parts and even a standard, played with passion, could keep up the interest of the audience from start till the end.



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The Men

Michiel Braam

On 13-4-2010 I invited Michiel Braam and his trio at my venue.

The trio with Wilbert de Joode (bass) and Michael Vatcher (drums) invited also 3 students whom attended a workshop in the afternoon at the Conservatory of Arnhem. Dana Jessen (fagot), Benjamin Tai Trawinski bass and Bob van Luyt acoustic bass guitar played with the trio after the break. They proved to be promising new talents.



The workshop

The sound check

The concert