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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm 

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm
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Yonga Sun (Germany Trier, 1977) started playing piano at seven. At eleven he started playing drums. In 1999 he came to The Netherlands and lives now partly in Arnhem and Brussels (Belgium)


He won the "Dutch Jazz Competition" (with the band "Robinson, Freitag & Caruso") at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2005 and received the prize for "Best Soloist".


Yonga teaches at the music school in Arnhem and plays in groups like

Lavalu, Talking Cows, AsGuests, Robinson, Freitag & Caruso,  and VKS (van Veenendaal, Kneer & Sun). For other bands and projects check Yonga’s website.


Recently he participated in the project AsGuests with Strings which had its premiere in de Mahlerei in Arnhem (April 2009) and toured in Slovakia shortly after the premiere.



AsGuest with Strings

Mahlerei, 21 April 2009


Line up

Michal Vanoucek (piano)
Miro Herak (vibraphone)
Brice Soniano (double bass)

Yonga Sun (drums)

Jörg Brinkmann cello

Beni Von Gutzeit viola

Jeffrey Bruinsma violin



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The Men

Yonga Sun

These clips are from the band Robinson, Freitag & Caruso.

The band won the Dutch Jazzcompetition in 2005. Yonga was nominated as best soloist at the same occasion.

I recorded the group at Eindhoven, Wilhelmina

Yonga has been asked to be musician in residence from the JIN in Nijmegen.

He will perform four concerts during the season 2009-2010. Every time he will be on stage with new groups, most of them with musicians whom never played before together.

On 5-11-2009 he started his series with German piano player Oliver Maas, cello player Jörg Brinkmann and violin player Oene van Geel. They performed a very inspired concert of top level.

Robinson, Freitag & Caruso at Trianon (Nijmegen)



Line up:

Christoph Mac-Carty (piano)
Uli Wentzlaff-Eggebert (double bass)


Special guest:

Oene van Geel violin

For YouTube clips of this event follow this link