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Saterday 30-5-2009 for the very first time in their careers Tineke Postma and Eric Vloeimans worked together. The idea was Tineke’s proving that she has the good feel of new combinations.

In a quartet, without any chord-instrument they played originals from both together with Clemens van der Feen on double bass and drummer Pascal Vermeer.

The event took place in Theatre Het Klooster in Woerden.



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And only 2 days later, we could find Tineke again. This time at the Jazz in Duketown festival in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

She performed with:


Marc van Roon, piano

Clemens van der Feen, double bass

Martijn Vink, drums

Tineke Postma 2

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Ladies in Jazz

In oktober 2009 Tineke did three concerts within two weeks in Holland.  Toonzaal den Bosch, Musis sacrum Arnhem and BIMhuis Amsterdam.  Great expression, passionate performances, fabulous  craftsmanship.

The Line up: Tineke, Frans van der Hoeven (double bass), Martijn Vink (drums) and great Marc van Roon (piano). In den Bosch Roy Dackhues replaced Martijn Vink on drums.

The BIMhuis concert was recorded and will be broadcasted in november 2009 on Radio 6. Later it will be available on internet.


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