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Tekstvak: Kristina Fuchs original is from Switzerland. She came to The Hague to study at the conservatory and stayed in the Netherlands
She has a great feel for adventure, works with pianist Jeroen van Vliet en trumpeter Eric Vloeimans but also works in the field of modern composed music.
In 2005 she dared the challenge to do a project with the old master  Theo Loevendie.
Living in Amsterdam she teaches in Belgium Antwerp.

On Wednesday  1 April 2009 there was a Trytone evening in Amsterdam  in Zaal 100.


Zaal 100 is a cultural stage from Young and established musicians. The musicians collective Trytone has its home base over there, Corrie van Binsbergen has her office in the building and there are two rooms where every now and then exciting events are happening.


Kristina Fuchs started the evening with  Hans Hasebos (marimba, soprano saxophone and  piano)

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Mete Erker (saxophone) was Musician in Residence at Nijmegen during the season 08/09.

In his last concert (28-5-2009) he invited master piano player Jeroen van Vliet and singer Kristina Fuchs.

Here my report of this event.

Kristina Fuchs

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Ladies in Jazz

On 23-12-2010 Kristina performed at the venue from Jazz in Arnhem a special concert called Music Kitchen.

Her trio with Jeroen and Mete joined forces with the German Brenken/Kappe quartet.


Line up Brenken Kappe quartet                   Line Up

Christian Kappe- trompet                            Kristina Fuchs, voice, Hang

Marc Brenken – piano                                 Jeroen van Vliet, piano

Alex Morsey - contrabas                             Mete Erker, sax

Marcus Rieck- drums