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Esmee Olthuis belongs to the  avant-garde in the Netherlands.

Her contribution to the adventurous  Tetzepi Big Band is unmistakable . But in small formation, for instance with pianist/composer  Albert van Veenendaal she feels at ease as well...

With that  Tetzepi Bigband she designed the so called  Tetzepi method, with which she undertakes interesting educational projects to confront Young kids with improvising. So don’t be surprised to meet her while conducting a group of 17 year old youngsters. And Esmee has a natural talent to get in contact with young people, speakiong their language.

In the workshops most of the time sheworks with graphic parts designed by those youngsters themselves. She tells:

Giving workshops to my opinion is about teaching the essence of sound, playing together and the person behind the instrument. Improvising in al its aspects is a good way to do it.


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Esmee Olthuis

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Ladies in Jazz

On 15-11-2011 Esmee appeared with the Herbert de Jonge quartet at the venue of Stichting jazz in Arnhem.


Esmée Olthuis               Sopraan– en Altsaxofoon
Arjen Gorter                  Bas
Charles Huffstadt           Drums        
Herbert de Jonge          Piano